Who is Robotto?

Who is Robotto?

Robotto is your new best friend…

Robotto is the brainchild of a group of developers and digital consultants at WrittenByte, the same team behind the powerful, enterprise level web crawler DeepCrawl.

Benefiting from many years of search marketing experience, WrittenByte understands how even the smallest details can make a big difference to overall performance online. However the manual task of monitoring, managing and reporting the vast array of important website components and settings for numerous clients, each with extensive website/domain portfolios was inefficient and time-consuming.

The team needed support. Something to better manage their domain portfolios more efficiently and keep them updated of potential issues confronting each website.

Thankfully, lateral thinking and development are at the heart of the WrittenByte approach and Robotto was created.

Whilst Robotto was born as in-house tool to help the guys at WrittenByte, Robotto has grown up and is now ready to be shared by all.

We hope you enjoy its service as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Kind regards,

The WrittenByte Team